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I hope to find prospective researchers and develope intelligent conversations in delving into the very fabrics of the world around us, both known and unknown.
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 What Truth?

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PostSubject: What Truth?   What Truth? Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2007 3:27 pm

Someone had asked me the purpose of this site. What kind of truth is it I'm seeking? What was the reason of it's creation? Is there one sentence that would answer the questions I have, or do I even know what question I'm asking?

Since then, I've sat and thought about what it is I'm seeking, what I hope to discover and how I hope to go about it. The base of it is simple: I want answers.

I want answers to some of the most basic to the most outragous questions, as I believe they tie in dramatically. What is the purpose of life? What is it we live for? Where did we come from? I ask this because I hope it'll give direction for where we are going. Do aliens exist and have they had a hand in our direction? What is it we live for? What is our afterlife meant to be like? Is there even a point to life? It is these and questions along these lines that I ask.

How do I seek to attain answers? This is a starting point. Answers may come from anywhere. There is so much of our world that has been discovered, but not made main stream. Anyone heard of the green tablet? A very important piece of rock that I had only caught a glimpse of in a film once, but it inspired me to do research on it. Otherwise, virtually unknown by me. Answers are out there. This I believe to be truth. And what may lead you to those answers could be anything. You never really know. So, I'm opening doors, hoping that one may begin to lead me down the hallway to discover some manner of hidden truth.

There are rumors of alien discoveries. There are rumors of people finding enlightenment. There are rumors of ancient asian monks that have learned to master the universe around them and live for hundreds of years. There are rumors that continue on. Maybe they are only rumors. But, maybe they are truth. This is what I intend to find out. We live in an amazing age. We can transfer information across the entire world in seconds. We can see every detail of our world from satellite photos. We can know anything and everything if we really seek to.

We all have our passions in life. We all have our goals and our plans. There is typically a driving force that keeps you waking up in the morning. Something that gets you up and going. A purpose for your life. The purpose of my life is seeking out a purpose for my life. I've realized I can't do it alone. I do need help. And it is here that I hope to begin placing out my research and hope that others will join me in it, so that maybe together we can discover truths that have eluded our civilization throughout time.

The key to peace is understanding.
The key to understanding is communication.
The hinderance to communication is pride.
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What Truth?
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