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I hope to find prospective researchers and develope intelligent conversations in delving into the very fabrics of the world around us, both known and unknown.
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PostSubject: 1st of Many   1st of Many Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2007 10:04 am

There are many stories I have, and each one could lead a bit of skepticism. This one is probably one of my most interesting.

It started with the desire to scare of a rather 'strange' lass. (Long story as to why.) We decided to perform a 'mock' ceremony. A ritual that was just concocted from the top of my head. I won't go into the ceremony details, not here anyway. It was elaborate and for the most part, stereotypical. But, this story isn't about the ceremony, it's about what ended up happening afterwards. The night's activities after that were interesting, but this story isn't about that, either. For the sake of the story, let's say the mock ceremony ended up being a bit more accurate than anticipated.

My sister ended up claiming to be possessed with an entity that claimed to be some 'Goddess of Darkness' or some such. Typically, one might be skeptical and think perhaps just a call for attention. Maybe. But, my father, one I would think to be most skeptical, seemed fairly convinced that something wasn't right with her. That there was probably something within her. It was agreed that something had to be done. It was suggested to perform the ceremony over again, only in somewhat of a reverse order. Made sense. So, I invited most of the same people that were at the original ceremony and we tried it that way.

It seemed to have some level of success... At first. The day after, a message was typed out on a computer screen from our beloved 'Goddess of Darkness'. Seemed the entity was subdued, but not removed. So, I decided to try a different ceremony, one of my own doing. This time, I went at it on my own.

After the second attempt, the entity was back where she belonged.

To this day, my sister is uncertain of whether it was an entity or just her going along with something. Anyone can be skeptical of the entire event, but I truly don't think such a thing would be her nature. And, if it was all just in her head, I'm fairly certain the first 'banishing' ceremony would've put it to rest. This was never enough for me to be certain that there's more to life than what we see, but I hold it as a story that certainly makes me pause for thought... Believe it as being a supernatural event, or just a playful game... But, it's what happened, either way.

The key to peace is understanding.
The key to understanding is communication.
The hinderance to communication is pride.
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